Rainwater Conservation

Rainwater Harvesting Systems Collects and Stores Precious Rainwater For Reuse.

Why not add the beauty of a water feature to a rainwater collection systemfor capturing, filtering, and reusing our most precious resource – water! Whether you choose a Pondless Waterfall or bubbling urn to add to your landscape, you’ll be happy knowing your rainwater harvesting system not only looks great but is beneficial for the environment too.

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Using Aquascapes Rainwater Harvesting System gives us a sustainable storm water management solution for both commercial and residential applications. The modular design of the Rainwater Harvesting System provides the flexibility to construct a rainwater collection system based on your application’s requirements. The unique integration of a water feature provides filtration as well as enhances the overall landscape design.

Pond Builders News Manchester

Offset your Water Use With a Rainwater Collection System

• One inch of rainfall on a 2,000 square foot residential roof generates 1,250 gallons of water that can be reused.

• That same roof in a region receiving 30 inches of annual rainfall generates 41,000 gallons of reusable water.

• The average U.S. household with a 10,000 square foot lot uses up to 3,000 gallons of water weekly for landscape irrigation.

• Running a sprinkler for 2 hours can use up to 500 gallons of water.

• Seventy percent of water used at home is used outdoors.

• 66,175 gallons of water are used outdoors per household, per year.